Do you know what squoobs are? And are they the latest trend to try?

Well it was only a matter of time until I blogged about boobs really wasn’t it! The following article appearing on a couple of days ago (click here to read). For those of you who can’t be bothered  want to stay and read my blog, basically the article was about an apparent emerging ‘trend’ (I say trend with tongue firmly in cheek) on the red carpet.

Here is some of what was said:

IT WAS once thought the bigger, the better, but it seems there’s a new trend in cleavage, er, popping up on the red carpet. Introducing, the “squoob”.

UK newspaper The Sun coined the term – short for “squashed boobs” – after a raft of celebrities stepped onto the ruby rug sporting rather unnatural cleavage thanks to tight-fitted dresses.

“The squashed boob effect at the top – the squoob – is the result of the clever shaping required to create the perfect hourglass figure,” the British newspaper said.

But the uncomfortable look has been deemed more “oww” than “ooh”.

And here is what is looks like:

My mammaries are hurting just looking at Nic!

Madonna was even worse!

Me thinks she just needs to go the size up!

Although I do think Christina kinda rocks a squoob – after all, they have no where else to go do they!

Plus her boobs don’t seems to be spilling out over the top of her dress, they are just defying gravity and going straight up! Go girl!

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t agree with The Sun’s interpretation of this trend as a  “clever shaping required to create the perfect hourglass figure”, to me it just looks like the celebs are squeezing into a frock that is too small for them!

In fact, the hourglass red carpet gal of the moment, Sofia Vergara, manages to find frocks that fit her, and show off her hourglass shape without the risk of suffocating on her breasts!

THIS is how you fit your boobs into a dress! Sofia Vergara at the SAG awards, 2012.

Now I know some of you who are not as generously endowed as Ms Vergara might be saying that you need to squash them up to show us all that you do, in fact have breasts, but I have to disagree. For someone who is fairly generously endowed (I’m a 12DD), I would KILL to be able to pull of some of the frocks that girls with little boobies can….

Naya Rivera from Glee rocks a plunging neckline that would look practically pornographic on a bigger bust
Little boobies help make this look as stunning as it is! (Kristen Wiig)
I would look like a giant mandarin with my DD’s in this amazing frock on Maria Menounos

The moral of this little boob-based rant? Dress for the shape you have ladies!!! These Hollywood stars are being dressed (apparently) by the best of the best, but I still think sometimes they get it wrong.

If you have boobies more like watermelons that limes, embrace them! Push em up, but give the support and show off your teeny tiny waist!

If your boobies are more on the B-cup side of a D-cup, then work it! I WISH I could wear either super-high necklines or super plunging necklines on the red carpet (for all those red carpet events I get invited to……hmmmm).

What are your thoughts on the latest red carpet ‘trend’? Do you agree with me that you need to embrace what you’ve got a be done with it? Or do you squish your boobies up so high that you need an oxygen tank to breathe? 

PS. how much spam do you think I’ll get posting about BOOBIES!! haha!

1 Comment on Do you know what squoobs are? And are they the latest trend to try?

  1. Melinda
    February 10, 2012 at 7:55 am (3 years ago)

    I say a big fat no to SQUOOBS!

    Whether you have big boobs or small boobs, embrace them, don’t squish them – that’s my motto! Lol.



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